Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Silver Heights Restaurant: 4.3/5

Los Bad Hombres: 4.5
Mmmm-Heighty Memphis: 3.7
Angus Sirloin4.7
Blue & Gold: 4.5
Saucy St. James: 4.6

The Silver Heights Restaurant made Burger Club’s Top-10 list! The neon landmark of 60 years is famous for ribs, so it comes as no surprise they also make a 5-Star burger. We were lucky enough to sample new creations coming soon to an updated menu.

Silver Heights is family owned and operated now in its 3rd generation of Siwickis. It's a popular destination for those looking to nurture the soul. The restaurant and bar were full on a Tuesday night, and our servers Shelly and Leah had no problem taking care of our large group. A grinning Tony kept sticking his head out of the kitchen to make sure we were happy.

The new ‘Los Bad Hombres’ was the popular choice with Burger Club. It made a striking presentation topped with shredded mozza and cheddar cheeses, pico de gallo and colourful tortilla crisps. Grilled jalapenos and chipotle mayo filled out the flavours. The only distraction was the bottom bun got soggy for some people. Karen wrote: “60 years of practice in the kitchen really shows as Los Bad Hombres was a really good burger. The patty was crisp and flavourful with a full-beef flavour. I loved the texture of the Tortilla crisps on this burger. My only complaint was the patty was huge and I couldn't finish mine.  9/10 messiness factor equals 9/10 in flavour." Jeff scribed: “The burger was done to perfection, and the flavours complimented each other perfectly - just enough heat to not overwhelm everything.”

The ‘Mmmm-Heighty Memphis Ribber’ tantalized with a cherry tomato on top. It had a Cajun dry rub, smoked Beaman BBQ sauce and zingy coleslaw and will be a great addition to the regular menu. Russ commented: “A great blend of flavours! Spices on the ribs and sauce on the slaw went well together and the bun was perfect.” During #LeBurgerWeek back in September, Tony joked that the cooks were annoyed at him for his popular creation – they were madly ‘shucking’ a mountain of rib bones back in the kitchen.
The straight up ‘Angus Sirloin Burger’ from the regular menu was the highest rated creation and that says a lot about how well the patty stood on its own. Nat exclaimed “A solid burger! Moist & meaty with nice grilled surface. Nice warm bun and great beef ratio. Good flavour.” Geoff penned “A rather basic sounding burger with no bells and whistles but it came through with flying colours; a good sized patty and a good collection of fresh toppings. It was nice and juicy, and the tasty bun held up pretty well." Sleemans makes a beer just for Silver Heights and Geoff went on to say "The SHeights lager is a treat, like Original Draft but with a local flairThe Silver Heights is a true Winnipeg institution and one of my favourite neighborhood bars/restaurants."

The ‘Blue & Gold Stuffed Burger’ took Les to new heights: “It was a top-notch crispy done to perfection tasty zesty mouth watering bliss! Onion rings, hints of blue cheese swirling over the 10 yard line, the bun was tackled, SHeights beer pushed us over the end zone. Touchdown!” I found the burger wasn’t so much stuffed with blue cheese, pickles, bacon and mushrooms as blended, but all the flavours came through in the mix. I enjoyed it, but I liked the spicy flavour of Karen’s Los Hombres patty even more.

The last of the five stacks we feasted on was the ‘Saucy St James’ with smoked ham, spicy jalapenos, banana peppers, mushrooms and chipotle cheese gravy. Isabel wrote “Loved the crusty burger. Had nice bits of crunchy beef bits. Can't say I noticed the ham. The cheese sauce was tasty and the crispy onion bits on top just made it super extra tasty. I would get it again.”  Jacques liked his too: “I was a bit leery with a name like Saucy St-James that I would be wearing half of my burger, but it held up exceedingly well. I want to come back to try all the others. Very meaty and great flavour.”

The fries met with mixed reviews, but Brad said the “Chili cheese fries were to die for.” I had a big bowl of meatball soup and it was delicious.

The Heights is having a big 60th birthday party in June and you can play along to win a VIP pass. Western Restaurant News recently wrote a great story on the history and operation of the Silver Heights Restaurant and Lounge (5.5 MB).

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