Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Burger Place: 4.3/5

Junior Burger Clubber Review

Cheese Burger $4.00 - Score: 4.4

Bacon Burger $5.00 - Score: 4.1

Fat Boy $4.45 - Score: 4.3

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We had another excellent turn out for Burger Club - 14 altogether. We got there early and completely took over the restaurant. In fact, the server brought out his own personal chair for Sandy to sit on (which Brett promptly took for himself - who says chivalry is dead?) I ordered first and let the cook know there was a bunch of us coming so he loaded up the grill with burger patties.

1/3 of us - Sandy has the “special” chair
The service couldn’t have been friendlier and the burgers came out fast and made to order. The Burger Place is also quite inexpensive and the second “best value” burger so far - practically tied with the best value burger from Zax. Note: To calculate burger value we divide the overall restaurant burger rating by the price of a fat boy (the “standard”). Cary commented “A place that stays around this long MUST have something good. It was.” It’s counter service, but so cozy they could pass us our food from behind the counter without having to get up. Another (female) diner commented “I am very biased towards this place, primarily because it's my dad's favourite and makes a point to visit every time he comes from Edmonton. Also, this new guy behind the counter is pretty easy on the eyes!” So there you go - another reason to come to The Burger Place!

Bunless Brett’s Burger
The overall burger rating was 4.25 which places The Burger Place as a five star burger! I’ve no doubt the ratings are affected by the mood of the Burger Clubbers, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at The Burger Place. I figure if the staff make it such a great experience that the burger tastes better, then it probably should rate a little higher.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger
I had my usual bacon double cheeseburger. It was great tasting and quite filling. The first thing I noticed was how good the bacon was. It was crispy and had lots of flavour. The double patties were thick and juicy and very lightly seasoned - soft but not mushy. I didn’t notice there was anything added to the burger meat until Brett told me they had blended in a panade of bread crumbs which probably helped keep the patties tender. Some restaurants add way too much “filler” turning a burger into meatloaf. Not The Burger Place, it was great. It was a very well flavour balanced burger and I could taste the chili and cheese as well as the bacon and beef patties. Mike said “the burger could be described as fresh and cheery.” The cheese was most definitely processed - a distraction for some diners - but today I was in the mood for that taste. I can’t really say what it was about the chili, but it didn’t get me excited. Liz thought the “chili sauce a little bland.”  

That's a BIG Burger!

If you opted for the Deluxe burger with lettuce, tomato and mayo it was a messy burger! One thing most diners agreed on was the “Hamburger was BIG” Mike sat at the kids table and mused: “Sitting at the kids table gave me new perspective on burger ratings. In my hands, the burger was big. In the hands of the kids, monstrous!” The bun was nice and soft and big enough to do the job.

 A couple of folks commented “Awesome milkshake” and “Another tasty milkshake and great value for the size.” The poutine looked great but one diner said “Mediocre fries but lots of them.”

Scott Looking Ferocious

Scott received a present at lunch that I knew would both entertain and serve a practical purpose. It was a L’iL Sucker drink holder that he immediately put to use. This particular one was a size small but bragged that “This hole stretches to 3 inches!” and can obtain “release with one finger”.

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  1. That chair was broken with stuffing coming out. I WAS being chivalrous!

  2. I love burgers and I've tried hundreds all over the city and other cities I've been going to the Burger Place for almost 25 yrs Through different cooks but always one of the top burgers I have ever had Going there right now with my son for his b'day

  3. I went there today for the first time in 14 years. Every bit as good as it's always been (great in other words). I opted for what I used to get from there; 2 double deluxe cheeseburgers and 2 large fries.

    Better than Five Guys and Daly Burgers so far (burgerwise), although the fries could be hotter and crispier. They do give a lot though. The burgers come wrapped in foil/paper, and considering the size of the burger could be a bit larger.

    They aren't called Fat boys on the menu, but that's what they are (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickle, chili, mustard and mayonnaise).

    At this point, I'd have to say Burger Place > Daly Burgers > Five guys for the burgers, and exactly the reverse for the fries.


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