Tuesday, September 6, 2011

White Top Drive-In: 4.5/5

Bacon Burger $5.25 - Score: 4.7

Fat Boy $4.45 - Score: 4.3

The White Top burger is sooo good! Two decimal points separate it from the #1 spot currently held by Charlee’s. If you look at the Urban Spoon reviews most if them talk about how friendly the White Top staff are. They are.
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what made the White Top burger so good. Everything just worked. The beef patties were juicy and soft without being crumbly and had nice flavour. They weren’t seared on the grill. The chili tasted like real chili - meaty with a nice bit of spice. The ample bacon was delicious and I could even taste the cheese. Those that had the Fat Boy enjoyed a nice ripe tomato and enough shredded lettuce to make a side salad.
The only tricky part about the White Top is there is nowhere to sit down and eat. We knew this before arriving so made plans to get “take-away” and head back to The Forks to enjoy our meals. It was a beautiful day to sit on the patio. As Dani put it, it was a “progressive burger-club lunch.” One neat thing about the White Top is it has a drive through.
The service was quick and the price very reasonable. White Top beat out Zax as the “best value burger.” I guess that foil-paper wrap really works because my burger was still nice and warm when I dug into it. It stood up well to travel.
The fries were yummy - which came as no surprise as we watched them come fresh out of the fryer.

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We were a small but buoyant group of burger eaters and today’s lesson was: Buoys <> Boys especially if you’re a lifeguard.

A note about The Forks: We decided to meet under the disco ball, which, according to the official map is called “The Forks Market Plaza”. Apparently us locals affectionately know it as “The Plaza.” It’s true, we were getting all misty eyed and nostalgic whenever the name came up. We were also getting confused because the adjacent urban skate park is also known as “The Plaza.” The Forks marketing machine compare the disco-ball-(ice) skating-rink to Rockefeller Centre so the next time you’re there you can imagine you’re in New York City.

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  1. it is the 2x chilli burger that had me going back since the mid 1970's

  2. this is the place for a great fatboy

  3. The fries and gravy is the real star their. But ya the burgs are good.

  4. I cant believe people like this burger...to check it out I had one yesterday, and it was soggy, not a crispy piece on it, no flavour....what is there to like?


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