Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Moxie's (MTS Centre): 3.5/5

Bacon Burger
Platter: $13.99
Score: 3.7

Fat Boy
Platter: $10.99
Score: 2.9

Cheese Burger
Platter: $11.98
Score: 3.2

I was surprised to see a fairly upscale restaurant like Moxie's with falling apart furniture and non-absorbent napkins that smelled like they were stored under the deep fryer. One of our group commented “The upholstery on the chair I had was torn so it kept catching my pantyhose.” There was lots of eye candy (for the guys at least - well, maybe the girls too), but not enough to make up for the mediocre burger and service. Moxie's is noisy and the music is energetic and loud. It's a popular place and our large group ended up sitting in the lounge. Perhaps the restaurant proper is in better shape.

The patty was greasy and soft. It was a bit grill seared and I tasted some pepper but otherwise it was just the grease flavour that came through - over and over. The patty wasn't large and made smaller by the oversized cold and crumbly bun.  Jacques observed “Buns were great but the one on the burger was tearing apart.“

I liked the crispy bacon - I'll take it over undercooked. Others would disagree with me though. I guess it's difficult to get bacon just right on the grill. I could taste the two slices of cheese, but again, the grease from the burger made the flavour less appealing. The cheese slid off the burger in a sheet. The mushrooms were really good if a little sparse. They were fresh and in big slices. The romaine and tomato were fresh as well. I couldn't discern the Dijon and BBQ sauce over the, you guessed it, grease. I asked for no onions and it was just as well; those that had the stack of fresh, red onions said they overpowered the burger.

The burger definitely wasn't worth the price resulting in a low value rating. As always though, tastes vary, even in Burger Club, and one burgerer quite enjoyed his and said “Best texture so far. Loved the flavour. Just enough Dijon.” Another burger enthusiast  commented “Burger was tasty, good bacon flavour and just the right amount of spices.” What was universal in the reviews was that the burger was greasy. “Pretty greasy burger - left a nice pool of grease on the plate. I guess grease enhances flavour.” “Many trips to the napkin to wipe the ooze” commented another.

Some liked the fries and some didn’t.  The ice tea mix was very industrial tasting - I should’ve had a beer. Nelson noted that “The salad was wilty and browning. (blech)”

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  1. Can't remember if I had the burger at the MTS Center or not, but I have had it at the Moxie's on Kenaston and I really liked it (probably rate it a 4). It was a bit greasy but that doesn't bother me. And yes...too much onion...and each one is huge.


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