Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuxedo Village: 3.5/5

Bacon Burger
Score: 3.3
Cheese Burger
Score: 3.8
Fat Boy
Score: 3.5
Mushroom Burger
Score: 2.8

They were ready for us and we were quite comfortably seated at one long table. The menus were all opened with the daily specials displayed. Our server was great - she was fast, got all the orders right the first time, and was quick to follow up and bring refills.

When the burger came out the first thing I noticed was how much bacon there was! I had 3-4 full slices of perfectly cooked, leathery, bacon. April commented “Hell hath frozen over … I heard Tim say "too much bacon!" When I cut into my burger I could see the patty was a little pink. That doesn't bother me, it makes for a more tender patty, but some diners might not appreciate it. Nobody else mentioned their burger being undercooked so I may have been the only one. The patty was hot and beefy, and relatively unseasoned.

Esther noted “It is not very often that I do not finish my burger but this one had a taste that as hard as I tried, I could not get past.” Several other diners also commented on the “odd” flavor. Maybe Burger Club just isn’t a big fan of the Greek style burger. One burgerer put it: “Burger was adequate: however, not very tasty.”
I asked if I could get fried onions, the answer was “yes”, and they were delicious. The cheese was indiscernible. It was on the bottom with the bacon and onions so may have got lost in the other flavours. I didn't notice the chili either, although it probably added to the overall burger experience. Some people thought it a tidy burger but April’s “oozed with too much mayo and mustard.” Omega Russ observed “Good burger to bun ratio - lots of condiments (especially bacon) with very little mess.” The sesame seed bun did its job just fine. I wasn't even aware it was there.

There were a couple of folks in our group that quite enjoyed their burger, and Stan wrote “I had the straight hamburger with no chili. It proved to be the perfect burger for my taste. The meat patty was excellent and the bun was fresh, lightly toasted and had sesame seeds.”

The fries and salad were plentiful, and like Olympia Diner, you could get both. At Olympia Diner though, you ask for “half and half”, which apparently is more fun to say than “both”. The Greek salad got mediocre reviews. Kari commented “Salad was not bad but Feta needs more punch.” Esther gave the Poutine report: “It was good even though cheese curds weren't used.”

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