Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yellow Dog: 3.1/5

Bacon Burger
Platter: $10.00
Score: 3.1

Cheese Burger
Platter: $10.00
Score: 3.3

The Yellow Dog has several good menu items, but look elsewhere for a burger.

I made a last minute reservation as our original plan was rained out. They set us up in the bar at tall tables, but when our group grew, they moved us to the restaurant proper where we were comfortably seated. We waited a while for our burgers to come out, but then they all came at once. Les liked the décor; “Nice funky place.”

The ingredients were sparse - burger patty included. The patty might have been tasty enough, but there wasn't enough to tell. The bacon was extra crispy and only one stubby slice. A little reminiscent of Johnny G’s. The cheese was real marble-cheddar. The Romaine lettuce was a little wilted and I could hardly find the caramelized onions. Cary commented “Only one strip of bacon and not much flavour.” Dani took matters into her own hands; “I didn't seem to have much taste from the burger. I put my French onion dip on my burger. It's a little better. I have to say the best part of lunch was the chips & the best part of the burger was the bun.”

Burgers tasted better before I started really paying attention to what I was eating. Esther noted “I have been in Burger Club too long. I am having trouble enjoying burgers now. I am no longer eating with the mouth part of my head. Unfortunately this burger would not avoid my wrath if I was eating with the mouth part of my head. I had to lower my rating on the price ‘cause my burger patty thickness rival Gondola's thin crust pizza. How chintzy!”

The Kaiser might have been a nice change except it was cold. I had a hard time cutting it because the dough was so elastic. It dwarfed the tiny burger patty. Stan summarized “Whole wheat Kaiser bun was very nice. Lightly toasting it would have improved it. Meat patty was homemade and very good. But it was too small for the bun. Tomatoes were nice and ripe.”

The house salad was quite nice and would have been even better with fresh Romaine.

The birthday girl got some bling and a sparkly candle from Cary. “It's my birthday! Hooray! Cary brought me birthday candles for my burger and a birthday glo-Mohawk! Nice!”

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