Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top 5 Burger Club Round-Up

After over a year of evaluating burgers we began to ask ourselves, if we went back, would the top 5 burgers still be as good? Cooks change, owners change, or maybe we just got lucky on the day we went. Well, I’m happy to report that the Top 5 burgers were still great and their ranking did not change!

Without any further ado, here are Burger Club Winnipeg’s top burger picks:

#1 Sonya’s (full review)

Sonya's did it again! Just the right size, well presented, held together until the last bite. Good beefy flavour, none overwhelming others. Finally a guy who knows his buns! Too bad this place closes at 2:00 pm because it would be my place of choice for evening burgers too!

The price can't be beat, the service was friendly, the ingredients fresh and home-made. I made it extra spicy with jalapenos and the homemade mustard. Burger was very juicy, but stayed intact thanks to a quality bun.

Crunchy meat crust, soft inside. Flavourful and old school. Clean, comfy place but 70's décor, which works for a burger. Yummy handmade spicy sauce :)

#2 Charlee’s (full review)

We rated “consistency” for the return visit and the Charlee’s Peppercorn Bacon burger had changed a little. It no longer had the bacon pressed and cooked into the surface of the patty; instead there was now a generous layer of bite sized bacon.

 “This was an excellent burger. I especially liked how the bacon had been cut into small pieces. That made them nice and crisp and easy to eat. The only think that would improve the burger for me would be to lightly toast the bun.

Crispy burger and bacon - you can taste the peppercorns. Tasty bun that holds up until the end.”

I had to buck the trend and get the mushroom Swiss burger instead of bacon. I didn't regret my choice. The cheese wasn't infused with the burger like expected but slathering the mushrooms on top. The burger got pretty messy by the final third and pieces starting to fall out.

#3 Ellice Café - now closed (full review)

Eighteen of us revisited the Ellice Café the week it was closing. The service and food were as great as ever. I’m sad that I can’t have a Bravo Burger any more.

This is the 3rd time I've had the Rancher and I reiterate my previous comments about onion rings & bacon plus burger = A-okay in my books. This is probably my top choice amongst burgers I've had in the "Club". The bun has maintained the integrity much better than the first iteration, but the flavour is retained.

 “It was a huge burger perfectly cooked and nicely seasoned. Great balance between bun & fillings. All around I would say a very good quality burger!

Patty was well seasoned, the burger was very well constructed & flavourful. Bacon was delicious. I only have one regret … not ordering the Bravo Burger!

#4 Original Joe’s (full review)

The consistency at Original Joe’s slipped a little only because the shiny buns that we enjoyed so much on the first visit were over baked for the return trip and were a little dry.

Burger was very fine! The pickle was a quarter slice, how the heck are you supposed to eat that on your burger? I ate it separately, the burger did not miss it.  Nice patty, firm and tasty, very well & good with a reddish colour to it. The portion also was very fine.”

This burger was good, but not as good as I remember it from my last 3 visits. It could be that I am now a burger snob or that, as Esther says, "I am not eating with the mouthpart of my head".”

Expensive burger but you get a choice of two tasty sides. Fried onions is an option. Yippee! Very flavourful. Nicely glistening bun. Great quality burger. Consistently excellent.”

#5 Kings Head (full review)

 “Excellent burger, great service even thought there was 11 of us! The beef in the patty was nice, dense and tasty a very thick burger seasoned with salt maybe a bit of pepper.”

 “One of my Top 3. Third time I had this burger and it has yet to disappoint. This time had the Cajun sauce to dip the fries and it was splendid. Wash it all down with a Strongbow cider and life is grand!

Large burger patty; very dense and shaped like an oblong ball in the centre of a tasty Kaiser bun. That made it a little  unwieldy. It wasn't juicy, but wasn't dry either. The patty was nicely seasoned. Very filling. Bacon was soft but an easy bite. There was more bacon, better cooked on our first visit. The jalapenos ended up in a ball so I got them all in one bite. Sautéed fresh mushrooms and onions were great. Real cheddar cheese you could taste and fresh ripe red tomato and green romaine. A nice amount of mayonnaise. Service can't be beat.