Thursday, December 11, 2014

Confusion Corner Bar and Grill: 3.9/5

Beefy Burger
Score: 3.7
Platter: $14

Bacon Blue Burger
Score: 4.2
Platter: $16

500 Corydon Ave
It was the heart of Christmas lunch season when I called the Confusion Corner Bar and Grill they quickly and cheerfully booked us in. We arrived just ahead of the rush to a roomy parking lot, and through the doors, one long table for 12 setup and waiting for us. The space was warm and comfortable with a fire burning in the ingle in the centre of the restaurant and a plane of Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling evoking a colourful star field. The restaurant filled up quickly and latecomers found the parking lot full.

The menu only lists one beef burger - the “Bacon Blue Burger”, but on closer inspection there’s a second “Beefy Burger” as a footnote to his stacked brethren. Several burger clubbers without the constitution for blue cheese opted for Mr. Beefy with bacon and\or cheddar cheese added.

Our waitress, Kaitlyn, was quick to take drink and food orders and we waited a reasonable amount of time for our platters to emerge from the kitchen. The Bacon Blue made an impressive sight with the stack of onion rings and pickled jalapeno pepper skewered on top. The statuesque assembly was intimidating, but with a firm two-handed squish reduced to mouth sized proportions.

It was a large, filling patty but out of 12 reviews, 12 said the “burger was salty!” Perhaps that helps the beer sales. Coincidentally enough, the last restaurant Burger Club visited, Jekyll and Hyde's, also offered a “Bacon and Blue Burger” so those that opted for the blue found themselves comparing, and the consensus was the blue cheese sauce at Confusion Corner was very strong and dominated the other flavours.

The patty was fairly dense with the tomato and aioli sauce contributing to the moisture. Chris said the “maple wood smoked bacon was great.” Nelson added mushrooms to his and said “they were a good choice.”

The bun was soft and Kaiser-looking with sesame seeds that knew how to stay put instead of scattering when you handled the sandwich. The leaf lettuce, tomato and red onions were bright and fresh.

I had the Brisket Potato Soup - it was thick and creamy and a good sized bowl. Karen loved the French Onion soup: “What a terrific size with lots of cheese dribbling down the side. I couldn't resist stripping the melted cheese off the bowl.” Stan had the "apple salad" as a side: “It had craisins, walnuts, blue cheese and greens, but no apple.” When Stan pointed out the irony of no apple in an apple salad, our young server said “I know!” I guess the kitchen has a sense of humour. Dani had the yam fries and said they were “very tasty.”

Today Cary had a turkey balanced on his head - that he passed on to Esther. Cary never disappoints! If you’re on Facebook you can see the infamous turkey here.

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