Table Service

You can spend a little or a lot for a really good burger, so we calculate the burger value based on the rating divided by the price of a standard “Fat Boy”. There are three four distinct service levels in the burger world: table service, counter service, window service and burger trucks. We've separated out gourmet burgers because they're in a class of their own.

  • Hot Rod Diner
  • The Nook
  • Bleachers
  • Red Top
  • A and V Drive-Inn
  • Johnny's Marion
  • Charlee's
  • Salisbury House
  • Blondie's
  • Original Georges
  • Oscar's Deli
  • Luda's Deli
  • Eddy's Place
  • Rumor's
  • Olympia Diner
  • Seine River Cafe
  • Tapp's Pub
  • The Diner's Grill
  • Johnny G's
  • The Don
  • Le Garage Cafe
  • Yellow Dog
  • Tuxedo Village
  • Oakwood Cafe
  • Moxie's
  • Little Bones Wings
  • Tavern United
  • Marion Street Eatery
  • Jolly Friar Cafe
  • Mon Ami Louis
  • Dwarf No Cachette

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