League of Super Gyros

Winnipeg's Best Gyro - Results

November - December, 2010

This turned out to be a truncated quest for Winnipeg’s Best Gyro. The League was divided in our love for the Gyro and the search was abandoned after only five restaurants. We did feast on some tasty ones though!

Nine  professional Gyro eaters came together to visit five restaurants. We tried to compare apples to apples so only rated the sandwich, ignoring price, service and comfort. We also tried to remain objective so averaged the ratings of multiple reviewers and weighted the sandwich attributes.

Gold: Nikos. The League of Super Gyros kicked off the challenge at Nikos on Corydon. They had a table set for us when we got there, the waitress was tons of fun and the food came very fast. The platter included a delicious Greek salad and several people opted for the yummy lemon potatoes. The gyro itself was warm and tasty with lots of meat, a nice tzatziki sauce and came well wrapped. I made it all the way to the last bite without getting covered in sauce.

Silver: White Tower. The gyro was pleasant enough and the presentation was very nice. We went for a late lunch so I was hungry and half ate my gyro before I remembered to take a picture. The restaurant was comfortable and roomy but our waitress kept forgetting about us. There was too much Tzatziki sauce and not enough meat in the gyro. The Greek salad was very tangy. Most of us thought the potatoes were quite tasty.

Bronze: Kristina's. The service and ambiance were very good. The gyro was okay - it came in a nice paper wrapper with lots of tasty tzatziki sauce but not a lot of meat. The tomato bits got lost in the sauce. The pita was warm but a little doughy. The lemon potatoes were a big disappointment - they were dry and tasteless. However, the Caesar salad was delicious.

Honourable Mention: Red Top. The Red Top was enjoyable, but go there for the Chicken and Spaghetti - not the Gyro! The lamb/beef meat hybrid was tasty but the gyro lacked cucumber and had barely any tomato. It did have lots of green pepper and big raw onions. “I would have traded some of the green peppers for some tomatoes or cucumbers” Scott was heard to say. The accompanying Greek salad was soggy, and I had some black lettuce to go with the green onion. The Gyro was disproportionately expensive compared to the Chicken and Spaghetti ordered by a rebellious Super Gyro.

Runner Up: Homer's. Everything about Homer’s was wonderful right up until the first bite of the Gyro. The service, restaurant setting and price were great. The buns, avgolemono soup and lemon roasted potatoes were delicious! One of the League of Super Gyro diners summed up the Gyro : “There was once a swallow flying over the desert carrying an apple. He dropped the apple in the centre of the hottest, driest part of the vast sandy expanse. For years long forgotten that apple dried in the sun until it was so dry it simply cracked and dissolved into particles smaller and dryer than the surrounding sand. That apple was only slightly moister than my Gyro.”

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