Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Junior's: 3.3/5

Cheese Burger $3.85 - Score: 3.1

Fatboy Burger $4.25 - Score: 3.8

Bacon Burger $4.38 - Score: 3.2

558 Portage Ave
It’s nice and bright and clean inside - there’s even a sun room - but it’s those good old curved melamine benches that you can’t move. The counter service was great - a girl took our orders very efficiently and with a smile. The burgers started coming out before the order-leaders had even made it back to the table after getting distracted by a shiny jukebox. Today, Cary was number one! I’m sure we’ll be hearing about that for years to come. As with most other counter service burger joints, the burgers came wrapped in foil served on a plastic tray. A handful of other diners came in but it was still pretty empty when we finished up at 12:30.

The burger was okay but it lacked personality” is what one sage diner said. Another said “Kinda like a small time McD's burger. Plain, dry and premade.” A third said “Burger quality was O.K., nothing to write home for. Wouldn't go out of my way to come for another one.”

There was a nice layer of chili sauce on mine - it was tangy and I could taste it on the burger. Two hours later, I’m still tasting it. The patties were preformed and fairly salty. My bacon double cheeseburger came with two slices of processed cheese and one wide, thin piece of bacon that pretty much covered the bottom of the bun. I could’ve got two slices for another 99 cents. The burgerers determined it was prepared bacon - I couldn’t taste it. Even so, it still beat out Johnny G’s meager bacon fragment. BurgerClub’s Angel had the following to say: “The burger sounded like it would be loaded with toppings however when it was opened the toppings were skimpy. The fries were perfectly crispy. Overall it was scrumptious but a little overpriced for the quality and quantity, other than the abundant amount of fries.”

As always, what do you talk about when dining out? All the great places you’ve eaten at! Dani and Russ got into some in depth discussion on the merits of sausage on a burger - and what really constitutes sausage anyways? Does it have to start out in tubular form? Also the fundamental question came up of whether having pork sausage meat blended in with a beef burger patty would disqualify it for BurgerClub. The jury is still out on that one, but thankfully we could agree that it would be okay to have sausage ON the burger. The ramifications of denying pork on a burger would mean no more bacon! Thankfully we talked our way through that near crisis.

You never know what wisdom Cary is going to share - and today it was about bondage clothing. I had no idea that the leash is hooked to the posture collar. I’m sure that knowledge will save me making an embarrassing faux pas one day.

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  1. I enjoy the writing style of this buger blog. Not only do the burgers have personality but the diners as well are all characters.
    Keep it coming!
    (What the heck is a posture collar? No don't answer that I really don't need to know.)

  2. There is a Juniors on McPhillips. The Burgers there taste better in my opinion.

    1. Thanks for the info – I’ve corrected the blog.

    2. I agree. They also look much better than the burgers in these pictures, I'd never know these also came from a Juniors!

  3. why do you say juniors on st. marys is closed i was there on june 20 2013. your article deprived me of eating juniors burgers four months. get your facts right guys.

  4. You should really try the Fat Boy at Georges on Portage near Arlington. Now that's a life changing burger. Also - i want to hear more about the buns in these reviews. It's 2/3 of the sandwich and can make or break it.


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