Tuesday, August 2, 2011

UnBurger: 4.2/5

Greek Burger (Oopah!) $7.50 - Score: 3.9

Bacon Burger (Delciousmosttastious) $8.50 - Score: 4.5

UnBurgers are not veggie burgers - they’re “Unconventional” - and tasty! 5 star tasty according to BurgerClub, and really, who else’s opinion matters?
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UnBurger is bright and clean and fun. There were lots of kitchen and serving staff - apparent because it’s an open kitchen and you can look in while making up your mind what to order. All the staff had grins on their faces and were clearly waiting to see how we reacted. The first fun thing happened right in the ordering line. The pop comes in bottles and there’s a big bottle opener on the wall to pop your top with a cap bucket on the floor below. You’d think opening your bottle, and having the cap drop into the bucket would be a fairly simple matter, but not so! It’s more like one of those midway games where you try and win the stuffed monkey. Nelson finally gave up and asked if I could “do him”. The next fun thing happened at the cash register where they give you an action figure instead of a number to identify your table for when they bring the food out. If you put Boon Burger’s T-Rex up against UnBurger’s Incredible Hulk I think it would be an even match.
It took about 25 minutes for our food to come out - but this may have been by design so all our burgers could be presented at once. We were entertained scanning QR codes for Youtube videos and Twitter as well as reading all the humorous words of wisdom and slogans painted on the walls and ceiling while we waited. "Oh my, that unburger is quite slimming on you!" UnBurger may be counter service, but your food is delivered on real plates with real cutlery.

Most of us had the “Delciousmosttastious” which is UnBurger’s bacon-cheeseburger. It’s a finely ground, lean, hand formed and nicely herbed burger. There was no filler and it was a dense and juicy beef patty. It was a fairly small burger, and expensive compared to others we’ve tried, but good quality, healthy ingredients and “all natural, never frozen” ground beef comes at a premium price. When I go again I’ll “Arnold-Size” the burger and make it a double. The rosemary sauce was very tasty, but overwhelmed the burger a bit. I didn't notice the cheese (even though it was real cheddar). Cary observed there was “Not much meat in the burger (because that is the unhealthy part), but lots of good taste.” There was lots of fresh vegetable toppings. I had the Ciabatta bun and expected it to be hard and break apart - but it was soft, not too thick and held together to the last bite.

Mike had the Drunken Aussie burger and had this to say: “Burger showed up on a "fresh bun" looking like a breakfast mistake. Squeezing those fresh buns together brought the egg yolk streaming down the sides like a molten yellow river. So many flavours competing for attention - egg, beef, pineapple and beets. Yes, who’d a thought beets would have worked, but they did. Great flavours!” Karen commented: “That burger looked like a Cyclops!”

A few people tried the yam fries and were under whelmed. They were dark like those pub fries that taste good covered in malt vinegar, but really didn’t have a lot of flavour.

A healthy burger restaurant in the village attracts beautiful people who want to have a burger and still keep their figures and Karen noticed “There's a lot of upper class customers - I feel so out classed, I need a swig from my brown bag baby duck!”

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