Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Super Boy's: 4.1/5

Bacon Burger $4.91 - Score: 4.1

Fat Boy $4.46 - Score: 4.1

Super Boy’s has been there 27 years and I managed not to notice it! They make a *huge* burger and the cook-lady was a super-lady. For Scott, she offered to abandon 2 fryer baskets loaded with bubbling oil soaked fries and then went to go hunting for an apple juice in the back room. She had awesome banter and took the time to ask about us, and then offered to take a group picture even though she was busy with the lunch rush.

I mistakenly thought there was only an outdoor picnic table, but there’re nice tables and chairs inside as well. They didn’t mind us moving them around so all eight of us could sit together. The weather in Winnipeg went from +30 to -1 c over 2 days so it’s time to head inside again. Ordering was easy. There were lots of visual aids taped to the counter, so you could see and point to what you wanted. The menu math was also easy - prices included taxes.

Normally I order a double but my eyes went wide when I saw the gigantic patties on the grill. She saw my expression (I'm an open book) and pointed out that they were 1/2 pound patties. I went for a single. Brett opted for the double and at one point I looked over to see him staring fiercely at a half eaten burger that seemed to be mocking him back. Not to be beaten by meat, Brett persevered and remains undefeated! Brett’s meat was the subject of some amusement - when he unwrapped it, I took one look and said “I need a picture of Brett’s meat!” In retrospect, perhaps a poor choice of words. Dani said I needed a wide angle lens.

Reviews of the burger were pretty consistent. It was huge and inexpensive, but quite soft and fall-aparty. There seemed to be a fair amount of filler - some described it as a bit like meat loaf. The patty had a bit of a grill crust, but not enough to maintain it’s structural integrity. As burgers self destructed, some of the crew resorted to using a knife and fork to keep it civilized. If you had a Super Boy, it was quite messy. Still, a lot of people liked the burger, and one or two loved it. It made Burger Club’s Top-10 (so far).

The chili sauce met with mixed reviews. It had a fairly strong flavour of cinnamon and perhaps cloves. That didn’t work for Brett and me, but Scott thought it was tasty. I couldn't really taste the bacon (even on my single burger), although it was cooked nicely.

It was a big doughy bun, but fully enveloped the ginormous patty. It made me realize the bun at the North Star really was quite small - my apologies for doubting Dani who knows small buns when she sees them. As Nelson put it, “the burger/bun combination was quite soft - not that there is anything wrong with that!”

The fries were a surprise. Russ exclaimed “My fries taste like deep fried perogies!” I tried some and sure enough, they did. How good it that!

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  1. Day da bestest burger in da world. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Goooooooood


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