Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A and V Drive-Inn: 3.9/5

Bacon Burger $4.65 - Score: 3.9

 Fat Boy $4.35 - Score: 3.9

1200 Chevrier Blvd

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Angelo and Vickie put the friendly in family restaurant! The A and V diner has been there for 40 years, but unless you work in the Waverley industrial park you might have missed it. When 11 of us showed up for lunch our waitress quickly setup tables so we could all sit together. It was bright and fresh inside with an open kitchen so you could watch your food being prepared. Our waitress had a prompt smile and good jokes. A & V introduced themselves with a big friendly handshake and wanted to know all about our group.

The waitress took all our orders quickly and when the food came out a short time later there was only one miscommunication. What’s really important though is not the missing cheese, but how they dealt with it! The waitress whisked away the burger and brought it back moments later cheesified. A & V themselves came out of the kitchen to apologize to the cheese spurned diner and make sure everyone was happy. They were. 30 minutes after we arrived, we were dropping napkins on our plates and heading for the till. Not only was the service super fast, the burgers were super cheap - especially for table service.

I really enjoyed my burger. The chili was very good - there was lots of it on my bacon double cheeseburger and it tasted like meaty chili - not some tangy sauce. The hand formed burger patties were thin, firm (but not hard), not juicy - but not dry either and very tasty. The patty had a good grill sear taste and crunchy on the outside. The bacon was very tasty and easy enough to bite through without being cooked hard. As Brett put it “I was not wowed, but neither do I have any complaints. A fine utility burger.”

Most people had the fat boy, and in a nutshell, it was messy! The flavour was great but as Nelson put it, “the mayo-to-burger ratio is the highest I've ever experienced. It was a 6 napkin burger.” There was mayo oozing out of the burger. Apparently A & V had an ordering mistake and found themselves with a tanker full of mayonnaise instead of the jar they were expecting. Stan commented “I'm getting used to eating sloppy burgers and actually enjoyed this one. Made for a tasty shredded lettuce salad with the fallout.” Add chili sauce to the mix, and as Tobey put it “Required ring removal, it was that messy.” Esther noted “Cary also ended up with food in his hair. He is such a good eater.”

We’ve come to the realization of late that most burgerers want to try a few fries, but don’t really want to eat a plate full. Our procedure now is to order a table-fry and share it. The fries were really good. The gravy was really good. Yay for the table fry!

Russ’s corner of the floor had the strangest tilt. Cary, always on point with an iTouch application, quickly downloaded a level and determined that yes indeed, Russ was slightly off bubble. Russ commented “Hopefully my meal survives the vertigo. Perhaps the burger will be cooked more on one side.”

Apparently there was too much man-talk at Kari’s table and she commented “Note to self - sit with some girls next time."

Most of BurgerClub are also Geocachers, so with lunch only being 1/2 an hour we had plenty of time to charge off and find a cache on this glorious October day!

Here’s a little challenge to engage you, our readers. Try and guess what each of the people in the following photo are thinking. Post it as a comment!

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