Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Olympia Diner: 4.2/5

Bacon Burger
Platter: $10.95
Score: 3.9

Mushroom Burger
Platter: $10.25
Score: 4.3

Fat Boy Burger
Platter: $9.25
Score: 4.3

Olympia does it right! Great service and food - just like you’d expect from a Greek restaurant – and nobody left hungry.

The interior of the restaurant was very pleasant and they had one long, roomy table set up for our group. Our waitress was super - all smiles and on the ball. I think there was only one mistake – Dani was missing the mustard and relish from her burger but the waitress brought them out in ramekins right away. She also brought refills without being asked. There was a bit of a wait before the burgers came out, but then they all came out pretty much at once. They were big patties so would've taken a while to cook.

There was more burger than bun – the patty was a good 5-6” wide and still reasonably thick. It had a nice texture and was firm and juicy. There was a nice beefy flavor and chopped onion in the patty. It was filling! The burger was assembled with a hot side and cold side - chili, bacon and cheese on the bottom, lettuce and tomato on top. Even the top bun was cold. Karen said the best way to eat the burger was to flip it as you picked it up so the hot is on top and the cold is on the bottom – because it just tastes better that way! It was hard to get a look at the bacon because it was enveloped in chili and cheese, but going by the chewy texture, it was leaning towards soft. I enjoyed the chili - there was lots of it and it was more sweet than spicy. There was lots of tomato on my burger - carefully placed in a layer to cover the top. The one out of place thing on the burger was the big dollop of bright green relish in an otherwise great line up of fresh ingredients. Just say no to green! The sesame seed bun was very nice, and fairly dense but still soft.  It definitely did the job and held together to the end. Mike liked the size and roundness of the bun and noted it “fit perfectly in my palm.”

The Greek salad was absolutely delicious and the Romaine was top notch. There was also plenty of delicious Feta and chunks of tomato. Olives have good survival instincts - I don't like them and 4 took refuge on my Greek salad. The fries were also excellent. The platter was huge - they couldn't have loaded any more salad beside my already large burger. One characteristic of Olympia Diner that everyone really liked was you didn’t have to choose between salad or fries for your side – you could get “half and half”. Each half was a large portion so bring your appetite!

My ice tea had a slice of lemon that was almost too big to fit in the glass!

Like the Park Tower up the street, much of the clientele were enjoying their retirement years at their favourite Greek restaurant and may well enjoy less spicy food. Olympia gives their diners what they want!

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  1. Did you overlook Santorini on Portage? Great burger, good value, authentic service.


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