Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dessert Sinsations (closed): 4.3/5

Bacon Burger
Score: 4.4

Cheese Burger
Score: 4.0

Winnipeg’s most expensive burger didn’t disappoint and made it onto Burger Club’s 5-star burger list! Tazz chided "Ok, after seeing the price of this burger, I thought it came with a cab ride home."

Dessert Sinsations was roomy and comfortable and it was a treat to be surrounded by light on a sunny spring day. The theme this week was lemons and there were bowls and bowls of them lined up along the kitchen. The garnish on our plates was grapefruit and lime though. I'm guessing that will change to lemon soon.

We may have overwhelmed our waitress a bit when our group of 12 showed up. Burger Club can have that effect on people with all of us shouting at once. She was hopping though, and doing her best to serve the full restaurant by herself.

The burger patty was juicy and most excellently seasoned. Christie put it succinctly "The flavour of this burger made my taste buds happy." Karen remarked "It was a very tasty burger with all the toppings: lettuce tomato, cheese and bacon. The onion I only tasted briefly as it fell out." Geoff observed that the burger was "Quite juicy - was dripping out which made a nice topping for the fries."

All the ingredients were top notch - the tomato ripe and thickly sliced, and the bacon was tender and thick. Dani wrote "Wow! I am very impressed with the taste of the bacon. Yum!" Geoff nodded appreciatively "Very thick slices of bacon were a nice touch."

The plentiful real cheese was also delicious. You knew it was real because of the flavour and wonderful cheese-oil, and by the way it oozed out and didn't just sit there like a piece of plastic.

The two slices of bright green romaine were fresh but made the assembly very slippery. There was lots of mayonnaise which added to the messiness, but also added to the great flavour. I think if the burger wasn't as messy, it wouldn't taste as good.  April said with bouncy enthusiasm and a hint of shocked disbelief "Assembly was poor - you can't put lettuce on the top and the bottom and lube it up with mayo. That makes for a burger torpedo." Beef slides and containment issues were rampant. It was truly a "Delicious Mess of Love" but Tapp's already has the trademark on that name. I actually watched Geoff's burger slowly slide out of its bun while sitting on a level plate. Karen exclaimed "Facial wipe would have been handy as the cream cheese splorpes out the bottom, sides and  top!" Nelson wrote "quite possibly the messiest, slipperiest burger I've ever had." Tazz set the scene with "One other point, bring an extra shirt, hip waders and a shop vac. At the very least a garbage bag with a head hole in it. The burger is messy, with two pieces of lettuce making it akin to trying hug your kid after slathering him in suntan lotion. There was stuff shooting out everywhere."

The bun was an anomaly in an otherwise great line-up of quality ingredients; it was dry and cheap. I think that the expensive burger sets your expectations high and you look forward to top quality ingredients, but the bun disappointed. Nelson wrote "Bun was a weak sandwich for this sandwich." Tazz lamented "The only drawback was the crappy bun ... why? Why would you choose to put such a dry, tasteless bun on such a good burger?"

I tried the white potato fries and loved them. April liked the yam fries and noted "Dip was super yummy." Geoff said "The $4 fries to make the platter were damn good, especially with the chipotle dip that came with the yam fries. Expensive but worth it." April added "Lemonade was good."

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  1. We had their vegetarian poutine with yam fries and mushroom gravy. VERY good. And boo to New York burgers.

  2. This was an entertaining blog! Some of the comments especially Taz's were quite funny. Next time I go to Dessert Sensations I will definately try the fries, the burger was top notch.


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