Thursday, September 18, 2014

529 Wellington: 4.6/5

529 with Bacon and Cheddar
Score: 4.7

529 Prime Burger
Score: 4.4

Portobello Burger with Brie
Score: 4.4

529 Wellington is deserving of its reputation for fine dining - and now a top burger destination as well!

529 had fun designing special burgers for “Burger Week” September 1-7 and decided to keep them on the menu until Thanksgiving. I had come for supper during Burger Week but forgot ground round is only available at lunch. This week we returned with a dozen Burger Clubbers.

529 Wellington Crescent is a magnificent old wood and stone house. The separate dining rooms are well suited for groups and business meetings. The building was constructed in 1913 for one of Winnipeg's founding fathers and now (James) Ashdown House is designated as an historic site. The 529 Wellington Steakhouse opened in 2001 after purchasing the building from the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine who owned it since 1952.

When we arrived in the grand stair cased foyer we were greeted by Caroline Mehra (who incidentally, speaks 7 languages) and were shown to our second floor dining room overlooking the front yard. The single long table was set with a full complement of silverware, dishes, glassware and cloth napkins. There were tumblers of water already poured and our server, Jeff, set out baskets of delicious bread to distract us. He was respectful and unobtrusive, but once we engaged him he had some of his own burger stories to tell.

Jeff explained that the regular menu "529 Prime Burger" is 8 oz and the Burger Week specials were all 6 oz. We're a savvy bunch so most people specified the 529 with bacon and cheddar vs. the "Fully Loaded" special burger for the same $15. Prices ranged from $11 for the simple beef burger to $23 for the tenderloin and lobster burger, or $24 for the Rossini burger with Seared Fois Gras and Truffled Cabernet Jus. Some might think 529’s prices high, but Dessert Sinsations still holds the crown for Winnipeg's most expensive burger.

The service can't be beat - there were wait staff everywhere and they couldn't fit one more person in the kitchen. In fact, 529 received Burger Club’s highest restaurant rating. Caroline was happy to show me to the kitchen for a photo op. She pointed out that each burger is ground to order, and sure enough, there was a prep cook grinding beef tenderloin and gently shaping the patties; all the more impressive considering how quickly we got our burgers. Despite the lunch rush, Head Chef Fraser MacLeod took a minute to talk burgers and rustled up as many kitchen staff as he could for a group burger photo. Jim Armstrong – WOW VP and one of the managing partners at 529 took a moment to say hello – and then helped deliver trays full of burgers to our dining room.

The burgers were served bun-open and there was a lot to catch the eye. On the hot side was the big beef patty draped in melted cheddar, a good dollop of fried onions and three glorious slices of bacon. The cold side was topped with a radiant slab of ripe beefsteak tomato resting on a bed of iceberg lettuce. I love fall harvest time. Nelson commented “There was a giant tomato slice; I suspect they used 12 different large tomatoes and threw out the side pieces.”

Karen wrote the “529 burger is stellar - the meat was a treat, very simply seasoned. Terrific bacon, fairly well balanced, I could taste each ingredient.” Bill said “It was fantastic. Bacon, cheese and fried onions were icing on the burger.“ Brian summarized “The burger arrived fast with freshly cooked bacon, a thick slice of tomato, lettuce, and condiments.  It was cooked perfectly and looked so good that your mouth watered. The patty was lightly seasoned that allowed the natural flavor of the burger shine through. Over all a good burger, especially for those that don't like a lot of spice.” Stephanie was succinct: “529 does a burger right.“

A couple of people had the special portobello mushroom and Brie burger. April wrote "After I "fluffed" my Brie Mushroom burger for the picture, I had the opportunity to enjoy the flavour. The patty was nicely seasoned. The mushroom/Brie combination was lovely. That was the fastest burger ever served after the order. I am impressed. Service is fantastic.” Dennis said the “Fried pickle garnish was a real treat. The Portabella, Brie and  balsamic reduction were all very discernible and very tasty.”

Surprisingly, the sesame seed buns were from Sysco, though the pictured Burger Week bun on Facebook and Twitter looked more like a Brioche. It was right sized to the burger, but cold and I thought not quite up to par with the rest of the ingredients. It didn't detract, but might have been all that separated this burger from nirvana.

A few in our group ordered side dishes of Spinach salad, house cut fries, creamed mashed potatoes and sautéed button mushrooms. Everyone ordered a small portion ($5 for half or $10 for full) and the servings were plenty large. I saw some unfinished fries and mashed potato, the salads were shared and the mushrooms passed around the table. The fries were crispy-delicious and came with little finger tongs. The whole button mushrooms were divine and the salad had generous candied walnuts, fresh gorgonzola, and the right amount of sherry vinaigrette.

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