Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mark's the Spot (closed): 4.3/5

  Score: 4.0, $4.95
  Score: 4.1, $5.95
Deluxe Burger
  Score: 4.3, $6.95
Bacon Cheese Burger
  Score: 4.5, $7.95
Mark's Special Burger
  Score: 4.6, $7.95
Double Dare Burger
  Score: 4.1, $9.95

Mark's the Spot is a cheery old school diner where you can enjoy a delicious home style cheeseburger for under $6. A 5-Star burger according to Burger Club!

It’s a little off the beaten path at 405 Turenne St. in the St Boniface Industrial Park, but well worth seeking out for breakfast or lunch – and now Thursday supper as well. Judging by all the regulars, locals quickly embraced the friendly little diner Mark Gawthrop opened in May. It feels very welcoming as you pass through the door and are immersed in memorabilia. Mark's racing roots are evident from the photos, slot-car track and diamond plate trim. There’s a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot on the table and the walls are covered with classic games and cartoons.

Mark, and our server Diane, both greeted Burger Club warmly. They greet everyone warmly and Mark is very appreciative of his clientele. I'd been to the restaurant when it was the Riviera and remembered how small it was, so I phoned Mark to see if he could accommodate 16 of us. "Sure, I can seat you all, but the fryer can only cook 4 servings at a time." No problem - Diane took our orders as we arrived and the burgers and fries were delivered in waves hot off the grill. There’s no heat lamp – when the food’s ready, it gets served. The large patties need a few minutes to cook, but that’s what it takes when eating fresh. Mark took a break from the kitchen to greet us and say a few words about how he locally sources the beef, potatoes and bacon.

The large straightforward patty is very lightly seasoned with a good beefy flavour and grill crust. The lean ground round was fairly dense, held together well and was very filling. Mark uses minimal salt, but there’s salt on the table if you'd like to add your own. I went for the Double Dare (how could I not?), but I'll have a single next time – I was stuffed! Mark has a challenge: “If you can eat 2 Double Dare burgers, 2 orders of fries and 2 coleslaws with 2 milkshakes in 30 minutes you get a free T shirt.”

I know right away when Burger Clubber’s had a good time by how much they wrote, and they wrote a lot about Mark’s. Quite a few people ended their review with the words “I'll be back!” High praise indeed.

Brian commented “The platter arrived at the table with beef, bacon and cheese aplenty.  It would be impossible to miss the generous pile of shoestring fries.  The bacon was fresh and the patties lightly seasoned. They put a crisp on the patties adding a nice flavor.  The bun was fresh, and considering the size of the burger, performed quite a feat keeping everything in place. It was simply delicious, but it defeated me; I couldn’t finish. If you order the Double Dare, come hungry.”

The bacon was the bounty on the burger. There was lots of it, thick and cooked to leathery perfection. If you go for the Mark’s Special you get side and back bacon. That’s the burger I'm getting next time!

Mark’s not shy with the groceries and Deluxe stacks were piled high with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and a big slice of dill pickle. Burgers come with fried or raw onions; I opted for fried and there was a succulent layer nesting the beef patty. I was happy.

The soft Kaiser bun did an admirable job of managing the two-hander. Pulling the frilly cocktail stick out of my double beef patty stack was like drawing Excalibur.

Karen wrote “The beef patty was stellar, and I tasted all the ingredients. Everything held together to the last bite.” Scott added “Burger was under-seasoned as promised. Although I would have liked more than plain meat taste. Tomato, lettuce and grilled onions made me appreciate the toothpick's efforts. Top marks for the bun.”

The fries were shoestring thin, but dark and soft. They were easy to stick a fork in and stuff in my mouth - and there were lots. Karen and I shared a big bowl of Borscht with a side serving of sour cream. It was good.

Cary brought hats for Burger Club pioneers April and Esther. April couldn’t make it this week, but modeled her Winnipeg Roller Derby Valkyries hat when she received it later in the afternoon. Esther was treated for breast cancer this year and coped with her hair loss by wearing a different Hat of the Day every day. She’s printed a wonderful calendar with over 80 photos and proceeds going to CancerCare Manitoba. They're $15 and you can contact Esther here if you'd like one.

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  1. I`ve been going to "MARK`S" for 7 months now, least once(sometimes two) times a week. the consistentcy and quality have NEVER been anything but superb!!! I always get a great meal there!!!


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