Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rumblin' Red Diner (closed): 3.7/5

Bacon Cheese Burger
  Score: 3.6, $5.89
Deluxe Cheese Burger
  Score: 4.3, $5.95
Cowboy Burger
  Score: 3.7, $5.99
The Boss Burger
  Score: 3.9, $6.99
Hawaiian Burger
  Score: 3.3, $6.85
Train Wreck Burger
  Score: 3.6, $7.65

Rumblin' Red Diner has been operating in the old Daly Burger location at 1151 Pembina Hwy for just over a year. They offer a great selection of inexpensive house made burgers and fries in a bright and colourful setting. You can accompany your burger with a beer and finish up with an ice cream cone. I call that a win!

Prices range from $4.45 for a hamburger to $7.65 for the Train Wreck. Place your order at the counter and your fresh patty is cooked in front of you. Don't be in too big of a hurry, because it takes a few minutes to cook a burger.

There’s plenty of table seating with muzak playing overhead. Take your chances at Fantasy World and try to drop a claw on a stuffed animal while you wait.

Rumblin' Red is unique in how they present the burger - it’s neatly wrapped in check paper like an origami fortune cookie. If you order a combo, fries come in a cup, otherwise they're in a Styrofoam container. The drinks are self serve from the fountain.

The patties are fairly thin, lightly seasoned with a good grill crust. Rumblin' Red has a number of special burgers and the toppings really liven up the stack. Cary specified a winner: he added bacon to the Train Wreck that comes with chili, onion rings, cheese and a fried egg. “Train wreck burger with bacon is the ultimate messy burger. The burger was cooked perfectly.”
Two of us had the Hawaiian with teriyaki sauce and a nice thick slice of pineapple seared on the grill. Jessica wrote “Good quantity. Pineapple was nice. Bun okay - could be toasted.”

The Boss was a popular choice. It's piled high with bacon, cheddar, chili, onions and all the groceries. Karen liked hers: “It was a messy fall apart burger. Very tasty with fresh tomato, a zesty chili sauce and a slice of American cheese. Overall I enjoyed this burger and would drop by again just for the value.” Mike exclaimed “MOAR MEAT!” The burgers are pretty inexpensive, so if you're hungry, order two!

A couple of folks opted for the Cowboy with grilled onions, BBQ sauce, bacon and cheddar. Nelson noted “The BBQ sauce was zesty. Burger tasted good overall, but could have used more food.”

Stan enjoyed his Bacon Cheeseburger: “It was all good. Burger stayed together nicely. Had been expecting a mess. Fries had a very nice potato flavour.”

Les was a big fan of his deluxe cheeseburger. “Excellent quality. Good price. The bun fit the assembly and held together well in a burger kind of way. Spicy, tasty, zesty patty with crispy bacon and shredded lettuce all good. One of the best diner burgers one could ask for! And red & white checked paper wrapper!!

Dani scribed “I also ordered a small poutine which came with mozzarella cheese and a dark brown gravy. I was a little disappointed that the flavour was somewhat bland.

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