Thursday, June 23, 2016

Denise's Blue Moon: 4.1/5

Blue Moon Burger
Score: 4.0

Country Burger
Score: 4.4

$8 (tax inc)
$12 Combo (fries and drink)
French cuisine has rolled onto Broadway in the form of Denise’s Blue Moon. Denise (née Lebleu) grinds the grass fed beef in her dad’s butcher shop, stuffs it in a sausage casing, and hangs the beef for ten hours in a smoker. There's a depth of flavour from the smoking and it's our favourite food truck burger! You can usually find the truck on the south side of Broadway near Edmonton; there’s plenty of seating and shade on a hot, sunny day.

The food is rich and delicious and portions are large. Denise chops up the fresh bacon to form a layer on the Blue Moon Burger, and a crumbled topping on the Blue Moon fries. The bacon has all the flavour without the trouble of biting through a rasher. The crispy Blue Moon Fries are covered in cheese sauce, and I want them every time, but I need a fry-buddy to share with.  I highly recommend the apple rings for dessert. The fresh apple is cooked soft – on the brink of being apple sauce -  battered, deep fried and sugared like a mini donut from your dreams.

The menu offerings keep growing and there were four burgers to choose from. The Country Burger was the crowd favourite, with plenty of crispy onions adding texture, and zest from the double smoked BBQ sauce. The Blue Moon Burger is rich and all about the bacon, loaded with cheese and toppings – lettuce, chopped dill pickle and white onion. The bun was fresh and soft – most of our crew thought it perfectly suited, but some thought it didn’t hold up as well. This may come down to burger handling technique, requiring refresher training for Burger Club’s reviewers.

Roxanne wrote: “The Country Burger by far, would be the best food-truck burger that I’ve ever had. The patty was fresh made (I could tell by the first bite). It was well flavoured – toppings were very yummy! All of this on the perfect, soft yet firm bun that did not fall apart – even up until the last delicious bite! Fries were fantastic too!

Dani had the Blue Moon Burger: “The patty was flavourful and moist and I like that the bacon was crumbled on top.  That meant you could have a bit of the burger with bacon, and didn’t pull a whole bacon strip out of the sandwich.  The bun was nicely matched to the burger.  It was soft, yet didn’t fall apart.”

Russ: “A lot of care went into making this burger Just Right. From the soft grilled bun, to the perfect crunchy crisp, to the finely chopped condiments held together with homemade sauces, the right amount of crisp lettuce, to the cooking of the burger. Many sensations around a patty with a great bite. I loved the finely chopped bacon and pickles and they helped the burger hold together with a softer bun.

Stephanie: “Very tasty burger. The best food truck burger I've had all year. Could've gone for seconds!

Mat: “Apple rings were heavenly.”

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