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Winnipeg's Best Clubhouse Sandwich - Results

August 23, 2010

If was a tough job but the Clubhouse Connoisseur Club were committed to finding the best! Nine professional clubhouse eaters came together over eight weeks to visit seven restaurants. We tried to compare apples to apples so only rated the sandwich, ignoring price, service and comfort. We also tried to remain objective so averaged the ratings of multiple reviewers and weighted the sandwich attributes.

Gold: Wagon Wheel (RIP). It just plain tasted great! The ingredients were top notch and the turkey was moist. It was a big sandwich but not huge. The sandwich included a non-traditional pickle.

Silver: Danny's All Day Breakfast. This traditional clubhouse was Yummy! The double tomato layer tasted great. Danny's also gets a notation as the least expensive clubhouse (by far) at only $5.65 including hash browns.

Bronze: The Nook. The clubhouse was huge! The chicken was seasoned but a bit dry. There was some debate over whether the fried egg and processed ham & cheese added to the experience or not.

Runners Up

Rae and Jerrys. The Club House had a massive amount of meat – epic on the scale of The Nook. It was so tall I couldn't get it all in the photo. But, no bacon, and the meat was deli meat. The ham was grilled and quite tasty though. The other epic thing about the Ray & Jerry’s Club House was the price - $12.25.

Oscar's Deli (Sliced Turkey). A slight fumble today – Oscar’s roasts turkey for clubhouses on Thursdays - today’s Wednesday. My mistake. We opted to “special order” the clubhouse anyway knowing that it would come with deli sliced turkey. It was tasty! Nicely toasted, the bacon was particularly yummy with a nice amount of tomatoes and a pickle on the side.
Oscar's Deli (Roast Turkey). A good sized and nice tasting sandwich but the tomato was hard (green) and the turkey a little dry. The bacon was very tasty.

Alfie's Restaurant & Billiards. The clubhouse was loaded with meat but unfortunately most of it was inexpensive deli honey-ham. There was some roast turkey in the sandwich but the flavour was quite overwhelmed by the ham. The rye bread was nice tasting and soft – it didn't scrape the roof of my mouth – but thick slices made for some doughyness.
White Star Diner. Not the biggest, but tasty, if a little dry. The owner was proud that he serves an authentic Clubhouse (the Wagon Wheel slips in a non-traditional pickle too).

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  1. Shooters Golf Course on north Main has the best clubs IMHO. I get them there all the time and they are delicious. I actually prefer them to the old Wagon Wheel clubs. Highly recommended.

    Just a customer, no vested interest other than to share this hidden gem.


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